Founded in 2022 by Sarah Sherman Samuel, SSS Atelier is a virtual gallery home to her self-produced furniture collection, original artwork and curated vintage finds. SSS Atelier is rooted in themes of place, community, and design, and how each is made stronger by the whole, born in response to both sarah’s environment and her client demand. After moving from Los Angeles to the woods of West Michigan, Sarah finally had the space to spread out, sync with nature, and create. Making large scale art amongst the trees has connected her to the emotional signature behind her work, each piece an expression of the frenzy, joy, or sadness that was moving through the wind, or her, that day. The launch of SSS Atelier was also an opportunity to foster partnerships with the makers and craftspeople of West Michigan to create this first in-house furniture collection from Sarah Sherman Samuel. Each piece is fabricated in North America with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship coming out of Michigan, a bastion of furniture design and manufacturing dating back to the early 1800’s. Made from the highest quality natural materials - oak, walnut, leather, and the designer's favorite stones, the pieces carry with them an heirloom quality, meant to stand the test of time and serve as an anchor to any design style.